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Agreeing statements

Hello and thanks for signing up for health insurance through

By signing up, you agree to the following:

  1. You agree that you don’t have other health insurance coverage elsewhere, to the best of your knowledge. You also agree that we will put you on the best free plan available in your area.
  2. If a free plan doesn’t exist for your situation, then the insurance company will send you a bill. You are not obligated to pay the bill if you do not want health insurance.
  3. You agree that we can send automated text messages, emails, or voice recordings to notify you if anything is needed on your account.
  4. You agree that you have given us permission to apply for health insurance using the federal or state health insurance marketplace.
  5. You agree that your information supplied on the application is accurate to the best of your knowledge.
  6. You agree that you allow your agent, or an employee that works for your agent, to access your account to help renew your coverage, respond to requests for more information, or to update items needed or requested.

Your completion of the application on our website is a digital agreement to these terms.

To agree to these statements, after the beep, please state your name and telephone number.

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