Important Information

Your form has been successfully submitted. You should receive your confirmation email in the next few days when it’s been submitted, and then typically your ID card 20 days later


You are now pre-enrolled in our system.


You’ll receive a confirmation email that you are in our system today most likely. Then in another day or two you’ll receive a second confirmation email letting you know that it’s been submitted to

10 days after that, you’ll get a letter in the mail from It will have 4 pieces of information on it, but we handle those for you. It will ask you to go online, create an account, pick a plan, pay a premium, and send in documentation. We will handle all of that for you, so please disregard that letter.

Roughly 10 days after that you should have your id cards. Remember that the plan starts the first of next month. It will cover doctor, hospital, ER, urgent care, and prescriptions, but will not cover dental or vision. We can help with that if you want it.

30 days from today, you’ll receive a follow up email from us, just as a reminder that you should have received your cards.

Sometimes the government will ask for proof of citizenship, not being incarcerated, or that you don’t have other coverage like Medicare, Medicaid, VA or Tricare. If they want proof of anything, you’ll receive 5 emails from us reminding you. Failure to respond typically will result in your coverage being cancelled. might also call for the above circumstances. Please tell them you have an agent that will handle it, and let us know. They hire tons of new hourly people, and the application almost always gets messed up, typically causing the customer to pay more or lose coverage all together.


If you need help with DENTAL, United HealthCare has a good dental plan for $18 in most counties.  It is a good plan for cleanings, x-rays, fillings and extractions.  If you need root canals, crowns, or dentures, you are better off saving your money.  Here is the link to signup (UHC Dental)